List of batman supporting characters

DC Comics has announced the first of its new comics series created through the company’s partnership with the popular digital comics platsize Webtoon. The first free-to-read episode of Batman: Wayne Family Adventures will be available at 1pm EST on Wednesday.

Drawn by StarBite & written by CRC Payne — with storyboards from Maria Li, backgrounds from Lan Ma, lettering by Kielamel Sibal và colors from C.M. Cameron, Camille Cruz, and Jean Klặng — Batman: Wayne Family Adventures is what it says on the tin. The new series will follow Bruce Wayne và the challenges he faces as a father figure lớn “an endless supply of adopted, fostered, và biological superhero children,” according to the official synopsis.

The series’ promotional art is light on crime fighting while heavy on the family dynamics between a stern, exhausted Batman và his complicated web of brightly colored kids, from Diông chồng Grayson (Nightwing), Jason Todd (Red Hood), Tyên Drake (Robin), & Damian Wayne (also Robin) — to Cassandra Cain (Batgirl), Stephanie Brown (also Batgirl), and Duke Thomas (Signal).

“Maria Li <...> pitched me this concept nearly two years ago,” Webtoon producer Susan Cheng told, “& after seeing all of the wonderful fan-created stories and artwork out there, I just knew we had to make this series. It was important to lớn me that we bring together a team of creatives who not only know và love sầu Batman — but also love seeing him hug his kids.

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It’s a series inspired by the love fans have sầu for the individual characters, & I feel lucky to lớn be working with such talented, passionate folks. I’m thrilled StarBite, who worked on a hit WEBTOON anthology series I produced, wanted to help us bring this vision khổng lồ life.​

Image: StarBite/Webtoon/DC Comics DC and Webtoon announced their partnership lớn produce “several” standalone comics series available in multiple languages in August, but Wayne Family Adventures is the first release. While DC Comics is recognized as a titan of the American direct market for comics, Webtoon is its own formidable pillar as a platkhung for không tính tiền, often creator-owned, webcomics in a size built for Mobile scrolling with millions of users. The smash hit webtoon Lore Olympus was recently optioned for an animated series.

The Soap Opera and Slice of Life genres reign supreme on Webtoon, and one of the DC Universe’s most well-established supernhân vật soap operas is the sprawling Batfamily. Wayne Family Adventures looks lượt thích it will take advantage of that peanut butter & chocolate combo already explored in bạn comics across Tumblr. This time, of course, the Batfamily slice of life stories are officially licensed — though not phối within current DC Comics continuity.

Batman: Wayne Family Adventures is available now, for không tính phí, on and in the Webtoon app.

Image: StarBite/Webtoon/DC Comics
On Webtoons, lower-stakes stories are more than capable of keeping up with the big dogs of drama