Plants vs zombies download for free

Version: 2.2
Operating System: Windows
License: Free
Developer Name: EA Games
Total Downloads: 820,223
Category: PC Games
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If you don’t have sầu an Android emulator, such as Bluestacks, download it now.Once the APK file finishes downloading on your computer, open it to lớn begin the installation.The Android emulator will run the installation process.When it’s complete, a Plants vs. Zombies inhỏ will appear on your desktop.Cliông xã on the ibé, and the Plants vs. Zombies will open in the Android emulator.

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How to lớn Download Plants vs. Zombies for Android (APK version) for Free

If you can’t tải về Plants vs. Zombies from the Play Store, either because of the device you’re using, or it’s not available in your region, you can follow these steps lớn install the APK tệp tin directly on your phone.

Click the Download button on the sidebar, và the Plants vs. Zombies tải về page will open.Press the Download APK button, and the tệp tin will tải về to lớn your computer.No matter which transfer method you choose, you will have sầu lớn adjust your phone settings to lớn allow installations from unknown sources. For most Android devices, you can find it in the Privacy section of your Settings menu.Find the APK tệp tin và open it, confirming that you want to install the phầm mềm.From here, Plants vs. Zombies will install và be accessible lượt thích any other Mobile ứng dụng.

How to Uninstall Plants vs. Zombies from your PC

If you’re not enjoying Plants vs. Zombies, you can find other exciting PC games in the Free Alternative sầu section below.

Unlượt thích most software và programs, you can’t uninstall Plants vs. Zombies through the Windows uninstaller. This is because it is an APK file và opened through the Android Emulator. I’ll be using BlueStacks as an example, but the process is similar with most emulators.

mở cửa BlueStacks & cliông xã on the My Games tab.Right, cliông chồng your mouse over the Plants vs. Zombies hình ảnh.
Click the Uninstall button.Confirm that you want khổng lồ delete the ứng dụng, and BlueStacks will completely remove it from your computer.

Plants vs. Zombies Overview

Protect your trang chủ and garden during the zombie apocalypse in the entertaining Plants vs. Zombies game. Using the popular tower defense style of game, you will need a winning strategy to lớn stop the hordes of zombies from eating your plants and possibly your brains. The game was originally developed by PopCap Games before being bought by EA Games & is available on most gaming platforms, including PC, Mac, Steam, XBOX, PlayStation, Android, & iOS.

As you progress through the levels, the zombies will become more intelligent và come dressed in different outfits. However, you will gain access khổng lồ better plants & stronger defenses to help stop the zombies in their tracks.

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The strategy comes into lớn play as your property form size và choice of plants và flowers increase. It will take some time lớn learn what each plant can bởi and where the best place is to plant them.

Plants vs. Zombies Features

Many different levels and modes: Advance through 50 different levels, with the level of difficulty increasing with each one. You can choose khổng lồ play the game at night, during the day in heavy fog or rain. If you’re up for a real challenge, play in Survival mode và see how long you can fight off the zombies before they eat your brains.Skillful zombies: Don’t be fooled by the easy first-round zombies; these green brain-eaters get smarter & more tricky with each level. There are a total of 26 different zombies, & each one has different skills and weaknesses.AI-Powered zombies: Be careful when you plant your flowers or zombie stoppers. These zombies won’t just walk right into the firing squad. They can run, jump, dance, and swlặng as they try khổng lồ taste some of the yummy flowers và brains.Lots of Power nguồn Boosts: Plants vs. Zombies has 49 power boosts that you can either earn as you advance through the levels or purchase them with coins.Fill your trophy case: In addition to protecting your home page & brain, you’ll receive sầu achievement awards, badges, và trophies as you play. Then, you can brag to your friends on social media about your zombie killing skills.

Free Alternatives to lớn Plants vs. Zombies


Is Plants vs. Zombies free?

While the Mobile versions of Plants vs. Zombies are không tính phí lớn download, the PC, XBX, Playstation, và Steam versions typically have a one-time purchase fee. However, if you follow the instructions above sầu, I’ll show you a hack for how you can legally download Plants vs. Zombies for free on your PC.

Do I need to lớn buy coins to advance through the Plants vs. Zombies levels?

While you never have to buy coins, it can make it easier if you are stuông xã at a certain màn chơi và can’t defeat a zombie with the power boosts or flowers in your arsenal. Another option is khổng lồ tải về HappyMod, so you can tải về and play a modded version of Plants vs. Zombies. This will give you unlimited không tính tiền coins and the option of just skipping difficult levels.

What is Bluestacks?

Bluestacks is không lấy phí software that creates an Android environment on your computer, allowing you lớn tải về & run APK files.