Gta v: how to fix rockstar launcher error code 134 on pc?

The Rockstar trò chơi Launcher error code 7002.1 can occur with either of Rockstar games – the GTA 5 và Red Dead Redemption 2. Although, these are the two games where users encounter the error the most, it can happen with any other Rockstar game. There are a large number of things that can contribute to the error. Hence, we must try a bunch of things to lớn resolve sầu the error and get you in the game.

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Fix Rockstar Game Launcher và No Compatible Sound Card Error Code 7002.1


Fix 1: Provide Admin Permission khổng lồ Rockstar Launcher & Launch Game

If you have not provide the launcher or the game admin permission, you need to do it now. Games without admin permission don’t have sầu the full rights khổng lồ modify folders và persize certain essential operations, this can lead to lớn errors. The process to provide the admin permission is straightforward. Go lớn the desktop shortcut of the program and right-clichồng and select Properties. Go lớn the Compatibility tab & kiểm tra Run this program as an administrator.

Fix 2: Clean Boot the PC and Disable All Unnecessary Programs

More often than not, a program running in the background interferes with the functions of the game và leads lớn errors. This seems khổng lồ be the case with the Rockstar Game Launcher error code 7002.1. As such you must persize a clean boot. Follow the below steps.

Press Windows Key + R and type msconfig, hit EnterGo lớn the Services tab & check Hide all Microsoft servicesClick Disable allGo khổng lồ the Startup tabCliông chồng on the Open Task Manager liên kết in blueFrom the Startup tab in Task Manager, right-cliông chồng on each program và cliông chồng DisableCthua the open Windows & restart the system.

Try launching the game the GTA 5 or Red Dead Redemption 2 error code 7002.1 should not appear.

Fix 3: Set Exclusion for Rockstarlauncher.exe on Ransomware Protection

Windows Ransomware Protection is a program that protects the files và folders on your system from ransomware attacks. The program actively monitors the applications installed and running on your system. As such, it may potentially be blocking the connection to Rockstar servers due lớn some tệp tin signature issue. To resolve the error, allow gta5.exe cộ or rdr2.exe cộ through the Ransomware protection. Here are the steps.

Press Windows Key + I and select Update và SecurityGo to lớn Windows Security from the right panelClick on Virus và threat protectionScroll-down và under the Ransomware protection, cliông xã on Manage ransomware protectionClick on Allow an ứng dụng through Controlled folder access linkSelect Yes when promptedClichồng on Add an allowed appCliông chồng on Recently blocked apps (You can kiểm tra if Rockstarlauncher.exe cộ or the game executable such asgta5.exe pháo or rdr2.exe is aước ao the list and clichồng on the plus sign next to the game or you could follow the next step)Cliông xã on Browse all appsLocate và select gtaV.exe cộ or rdr2.exe.

Fix 4: Update the trò chơi or Verify the Files

If you are running a different version of the game than that on the server, the Rockstar Game Launcher error code 7002.1 with GTA 5 & RDR 2 can arise, meaning, if you have not updated the game in a while.

The error can also occur when the game files are corrupted. The fix for this problem is simple, update the game through the Rockstar Games Launcher. The launcher also provides you the option to lớn verify & correct corrupt files. So, try repairing the game.

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Fix 5: For Users with Sound Card Problems & Error 7002.1

If you are still not aware, there are two types of error messages that come with the error code 7002.1. The first, “Game launcher error. Please try again later. Code:7002.1” and the other, “Unable khổng lồ launch Red Dead Redemption 2. No compatible sound thẻ was detected. Please kiểm tra your sound thẻ & driver, If you continue to lớn have problems playing the game, please tương tác Rockstar Games Customer Service at Code:7002.1.”

As we were researching for the issue, we came across a post for people who have the error message with the sound thẻ message. Several people on Reddit upvoted the suggested fix & confirmed it worked for them. Here is a screenshot of the solution.


Fix 6: Retry to lớn Play

When you encounter the error message, a normal person will rush to lớn forums & Google tìm kiếm, but don’t give sầu up và relaunch the game. As soon as you cliông chồng the X button to exit out of the error, relaunch the game. Sometimes, it may require multiple attempts. If that fails, restart the PC và try again multiple times. A lot of users on various forums confirm that the error code 149 as well as 7002.1 can be fixed my multiple attempts at playing the game. A user had khổng lồ bởi vì it over trăng tròn times before the game suddenly worked.

We hope the above fixes have sầu resolved your error with both ROckstar Games. If you have sầu a better solution, tóm tắt them in comments.

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