Big eye show

Tips:Please print E-ticket & exchange before using it,E-Ticket can NOT change or return while customer pay success.

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Please check your tin nhắn và print your E-Ticket after pay success and you need to lớn exchange before use it.
Including: Picke up service(please leave your informa và your phone number while ticket booking or wait guider in Tiffany Theater.)
Waiting Place:Pattaya Tiffany Theater (464 Moo9, Pattaya 2nd Rd., Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi 20260 Thailand)ATTENTIONS:ONLYfor visitors traveling along or with several friends(no travel agencies,no tour guides).They find 5000THB.Unauthorized photos, filming và recording is strictly prohibited in the Culb. All cameras and AV recorders are prohibited. A bag tìm kiếm may be conducted.They find 5000THB.
Rethành viên bring your passport.RESTRICT BOOKING: ONLYformainland Đài Loan Trung Quốc, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan ID và passport. Location

Cabaret Show:Cabaret is a khung of entertainment featuring music, tuy nhiên, dance, recitation or drama. It is mainly distinguished by the performance venue, such as in a restaurant, pub or nightclub with a stage for performances.Sexy Show(Adult ONLY):A sex show is a form of live sầu performance that features one or more performers engaging in some size of sexual activity on stage for the entertainment or sexual gratification of spectators.

QiGongSEXShow:Yarn trick: This one seemed like an easier “triông chồng.” She stuffed a ball of yarn up her lady cave sầu and slowly pulled the string out of her lady bits. This trichồng went on for awhile.

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Bottle opening: One girl used her talents to lớn squat down over an unopened (twist off) beer bottle and unscrewed it using JUST her kegel muscles. Afterwards, she viciously emptied the contents over everybody toàn thân in the front row (with a smug look on her face I might add).ect.Soapy Massage:The famous (abp-ob-nuad), which literally means "bathe, bake, massage" is also called a "Soapy Massage" because it involves a massage with hot soapy water.
Russia SEX Show: fantasy show of lady russian more beautiful body.Dancing sing a tuy nhiên , shower show , more sexy can by ticket with us to lớn see show every day.Sex Boy Dance in Pattaya: SEXY HOT BOY Amazing dance in Pattaya.69SexShow: 69 Show is a important part of adult shows in Pattaya Vương Quốc Của Những Nụ cười, mở cửa your eye in 69! 96! club Pattaya.

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BIGEYEShow(3 in1 SEX Show): Many vistors to lớn Pattaya knew BIGEYES as live sầu sex venue, this is strip show approx 1-2 hours starts at 8pm to 10pm. As its strip show so ONLY for adults.