You've entered too many arguments for this function?

Hi there. I am getting frustrated. I am trying khổng lồ created a nested IF formula in an Excel gantt chart lớn calculate the percentage complete of a subtask. I tried each "IF" separately & they work the way I want them to, but when I try khổng lồ nest them I get the message "You"ve sầu entered too many arguments for this function." Can anyone spot what I"m doing wrong?This is the formula I am trying to lớn enter:=IF(G8>G14,(G8-G14)/I14,0,IF(G8>H14,1,G8-G14/I14))Thanks for your help!VA Construction Schedule IF.xlsx

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It"s just like the error says you"ve entered too many arguments. After the first G14 và the first comma should be your what you want to lớn return if G8 is greater than G14.After the second comma you have a zero which would kết thúc the the function as this is what you are defining as what the cell should display if G8 is not greater than G14. I think for what you are trying lớn accomplish you should just remove sầu the second comma and the 0 following it. Which in total the function would say if G8 > G14 then (G8-G14)/I14, if G8 H14 then one, if G8
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Thanks for your help...Removing the second , and the 0 DOES make it a working formula. However, it does not bởi what I am looking for.What I need is for this:Today"s Date = G8Subtask Start Date = G14Subtask End Date = H14Work Days = I14% Complete = J14J14 (% Complete) is the cell that needs the formula. If G8 (Today"s Date)is less than G14 (Start Date), than J14 should equal 0%. If G8 (Today"s Date) is greater than H14 (End Date), than J14 should equal 100%. If G8 (Today"s Date) falls somewhere in between G14 (Start Date) and H14 (End Date), than J14 should equal H14 (End Date) minus G8 (Today"s Date) divided by I14 (Work Days). This should give me what percent completion the subtask is at based on what day it is.Thanks again!
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OOOOH! That"s almost it, vlady! The only issue is if "today"s date" falls between the "start" and "end" dates, it calculates the percentage backwards, meaning that the later the date, the smaller the percent complete. If "today"s date" falls outside that range (either before or after) it calculates correctly, though.
OK, I changed it lớn the following và that cleared up the backwards percentage.=IF(G8H14,100%,IF(AND(G8>G14,G8The only remaining issue is that if "today"s date" equals either the "start" or "end" date, it returns "FALSE". How can I get it to accurately return 0% or 100%?Thanks everyone for helping me through this! If there"s a will, there"s a way!
Actually, that last sentence is mistaken. If "today"s date" equals the "start" date, it should return 20% and if it equals the "end" date, it should equal 80%, not 0% và 100% like I stated in my previous post. Sorry for the confusion. Anything before the "start" should equal 0% and anything after "end" should equal 100%.